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E-commerce customer experience ends at the doorstep, not the checkout.

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04 Nov E-commerce customer experience ends at the doorstep, not the checkout.

E-commerce merchants invest heavily in making sure their customers have a seamless journey – from the point they enter their website to the final click to confirm the purchase.

Digital Marketers work their magic to attract the customer to the virtual storefront. Conversion Rate Optimisation Managers then take up the baton – making sure the journey through the website is as smooth as possible and removing any barriers between the customer and the ‘buy now’ button. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

Click. Sale. Done. So far, so good. An automated email order confirmation is sent and the baton is passed to the logistics department. Where it is all too often taken and hurled into a skip in the corner of the distribution centre car park.

This is where the care and attention that has gone into attracting and converting the sale can disappear – the selection of an inadequate logistics provider.

E-commerce isn’t exactly new, so why do some (even surprisingly large) brands still not understand that logistics to the point of delivery to the customer (often referred to as the ‘final mile’) is an integral part of the transaction – and therefore customer experience?

All that brand goodwill destroyed by a crappy delivery experience.

It’s a bit sad for me to admit, but when I buy something online and I later find out the courier is DPD, a little part of me punches the air. Why? Excellent communications, 1-hour delivery slots, automated and intelligent ‘unattended delivery’ preferences – it all makes receiving the item part of the smooth and seamless customer experience I expect when buying an item online.

So, when a certain e-commerce giant with a market cap heading for $1.6 trillion lets me down twice in one week with dreadful communication, failed deliveries and a gradual decline in service quality, I start to seriously question their commitment to customer experience excellence.

How important is the logistics partner to you as a consumer? Which merchants get this right every time? I’d love to hear your views and experiences in the comments.

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